Who is the cast of Mahabharatham on Sun TV?

Who is the cast of Mahabharatham on Sun TV?

Dushasan episodes, Ankit Mohan Lord Shiva 30 mahabhraatham, Vandana Singh Young Arjun 15 episodes, Rukmini episodes, Nazea Sayed In fact Mahabharatham in Sun Tv started well before Star plus began its flawed journey.

Which is the second episode of Mahabharatham in Tamil?

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Who is the mother of Rajmaata in Mahabharatham?

Draupadi episodes, Bhisma gave up his rightful throne and Satyavati took over the kingdom as ‘Rajmaata’ Mother Queen after her husband died years later, as her son Vichitravirya became an kahabharatham and heavy dependency on Bhisma as his elder brother. Tamil soap opera mythology Adventure Fantasy Drama.

Who is Kamsa’s son in Mahabharatham TV series?

Dhrumila asura tells Kamsa that Kamsa is an asura and that Devaki’s eighth son is destined to kill him. Pandu returns victorious after his conquests. Satyavathi gives Vidura’s mother equal status to Ambika and Ambalika.


How many episodes of Mahabharatham are there in Tamil?

This article contains Tamil script. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks or boxes, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script. Mahabharatham ( Tamil: மகாபாரதம்) is a Tamil mythological soap opera that aired every Sunday on Sun TV from 17 February 2013 to 29 May 2016 at 10:00AM IST for 166 episodes.

Who are the princes in Mahabharatham TV series?

Krishna kills Kamsa and installs Ugrasena on the throne. The princes are grown men. Drona arranges for them to display their skills. Bheema and Duryodhana fight each other with maces till Ashwathamma stops them on Drona’s orders. Arjuna exhibits the use of various celestial astras.

Who is Bheeshma’s wife in Mahabharatham TV series?

Parashurama asks Bheeshma to either accept Amba as his wife or fight with him. Parashurama and Bheeshma fight with each other with neither winning. Vichitraveerya dies in bed while trying to consummate with Ambika. Satyavathi asks Bheeshma to practice Niyoga with Ambika and Ambalika, but he refuses.


Which is the newest episode of Mahabharat stories?

MAHABHARAT NEW EPISODE. नरकासुर का वध, बर्बरीक की कहानी । Mahabharat Stories – B. R. Chopra – EP – 98.Mahabharat new episode.

Where was the Mahabharatam serial working spot filmed?

It was produced by Cinevistaas Limited and director by C.V. Sasikumar, Raja and Suresh Krissna. The epic television series has more than 400 artists cast in various roles. The show is extensively shot in and around Bangalore with studio sets which cost more than 1 crore rupees. ^ “Mahabharatam serial working-spot”. Filmi Beat.