Who is Dromus?

Who is Dromus?

Dromus Tenkai Whirlwind (Japanese: 疾風黒騎士, Shippu no Kurokishi, Eng. Translated: Gale Black Knight, Korean:질풍 흑기사, Jilpung Heukgisa) is a main character in Tenkai Knights. He formerly was an evil Tenkai Knight, owned by Gen. He is a doppleganger of Bravenwolf Tenkai Firestorm.

How old is Guren Nash?

13 years old
Appearance. Guren is 13 years old, has black and red hair, and blue-violet eyes.

Is there a season 2 of Tenkai Knights?

Tenkai Knights Season 2 is the second season of Tenkai Knights. It hasn’t aired anywhere yet and is unlikely to come.

Is Tenkai Knights Cancelled?

Add your voice! Listen up Tenkai Knights fans! If you didn’t know, Tenkai Knights was cancelled and won’t be getting the second season it deserves.

Who is the Black Knight in Tenkai Knights?

Dromus (Japanese: 黒騎士, Kurokishi, Eng. Translated: Black Knight) is a toy released under the Tenkai Knights toy line by Spin Master, Happinet, and Academy . On the back of Dromus’ North American box, it says “Dromus, Vilius’ mysterious and powerful Corrupted Lieutenant.”.

Who is Dromus in the Tenkai Knights?

Dromus is Vilius’ mysterious and powerful Corrupted Lieutenant who will stop at nothing to defeat the Tenkai Knights! Shapeshift Dromus from brick to an evil robot and build up his armor. Charge into battle unleashing his deadly Tenkai Energy Sword.

Who are Guren and Ceylan In Tenkai Knights?

Guren is a new student in Benham City. He meets Ceylan and together they visit the mysterious “Shop of Wonders” owned by Mr. White. Two mysterious items that turn into robots are given to the two teens. Guren dreams about Vilius and Bravenwolf’s fight where Bravenwolf is defeated, a dream that Ceylon also shares.

Are there any Tenkai Knights toys left in stock?

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