Which goat breed is best for meat in India?

Which goat breed is best for meat in India?

Nine best Goat Breeds for Milk and Meat

  • Jamnapari. Jamnapari is the most popular breed for commercial goat farming in India.
  • Boer Goat. This breed was developed in South Africa and it is the most popular breed in the world for meat.
  • Barbari.
  • Beetal.
  • Osmanabadi.
  • Malabari.
  • Jakhrana.
  • Sirohi.

Which is the best goat for meat?

15 Best Goat Breeds for Meat

  • Boer. Boer is the best goat breed for meat.
  • The Kalahari Red.
  • The Spanish Goats.
  • Kiko.
  • Angora.
  • Savanna.
  • Tennessee Woodenleg.
  • Australian Rangeland Goats.

What breed of goat is raised for meat?

However, there are a few breeds that stand out as more specialized for meat production. These breeds are the Spanish, Myotonic, Nubian and Pygmy goats.

Which type of goat is found in India?

Registered Breeds Of Goat

S.N. Breed Home Tract
1. Attapady Kerala
2. Barbari Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
3. Beetal Punjab
4. Black Bengal West Bengal

What kind of goats are used in India?

Goat growers have to research on suitable breeds for the local environment. In India there are many goat breeds raised and some of them are cross bread and some are pure bread. Goat breed selection depends on type of rearing. If the goats are being grown for dairy, then you should be aware of high milk yielding breeds.

What kind of goat is used for meat production?

The goat breeds which are famous for meat production are known as meat goat breeds. Usually meat goat breeds are mainly raised for their highly meat production purpose. There are numerous meat producing goat breeds available throughout the world. Name and characteristics of some highly meat productive goat breeds are described below. Search

What’s the fat content of an Indian goat?

The fat content of this breed milk is about 3.5%. Indian Goat Breeds – Beetal breed: Beetal goat breed is spread mainly in the regions of Punjab. Basically, this goat breed is evolved from Jamunapari goat breed. Male beetal goats weigh at 65 to 80 kg and does will weigh about 50 to 60kg. You can expect 1 kg of milk daily from these goat breeds.

Which is the best goat breed for goat farming?

Meat goats actually grow very fast and they are very suitable for commercial goat farming business. Choosing the best meat goat breeds is very important for making maximum profit from your business. If you are willing to start goat farming business mainly for meat production purpose, you must have to choose the best meat goat breeds.