Where is Eli MGSV?

Where is Eli MGSV?

Central Africa
Eli is a child soldier encountered in Central Africa during the events of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Where is kazuhira Miller on Mother Base?

Your main objective in this mission is to locate and rescue Kazuhira Miller. He can be found somewhere in the Da Ghwandai Khar region – as highlighted on your map. Close your iDroid, then activate your binoculars.

What happened to Eli in mgs5?

What happened with Eli? Halfway through the second chapter, Eli, Psycho Mantis (it never says it’s Psycho Mantis, but come on, it’s Psycho Mantis), and some child soldiers hijack the Metal Gear that Snake destroyed at the end of the first chapter and disappear past the horizon.

What platform is Eli on?

Watch The Book of Eli | Prime Video.

Where do you find Eli in Metal Gear?

Return to the Mother Base and head towards the R&D Platform. Eli can be found in the upper level, and as soon as you approach him, he will start running away. You can find Eli on your own, or by using night-vision goggles, so that the target will be easier to spot (the above screenshot). Make use of throws and melee attacks.

How did Eli get back to mother bare?

Eli was disarmed and thrown to the ground by Snake, who drove the same knife into the ground next to Eli’s head. After being subdued, Eli was brought back to Mother Bare by the Diamond Dogs, while his child soldiers were brought back to join the group as well.

Where is code talker after Eli leaves base?

After Eli leaves base, Code Talker is always sitting on the deck to the left of the upper helipad on the main command strut when you take off from the lower helipad. Can you visits or see the kids at Mother Base?

What happens at the end of Mother Base?

Eventually, Eli proceeded to cause an accident, also having one of his child soldiers, Ralph, killed, in an attempt to ensure the child soldiers left Mother Base and formed the Kingdom of the Flies.