Where does it flood in Montana?

Where does it flood in Montana?

The most destructive floods occurred in the southwestern portion of Montana, including Beaverhead and Gallatin counties, with the northern limit from Missoula to Cascade counties.

What day was the 2013 flood?

The flooding began on June 20, 2013, when southern Alberta was hit by 100 millimetres of rain.

What caused floods in 2014?

The extensive floods were caused by a combination of human and physical factors: • A prolonged period of extremely wet weather – in southern England it was the wettest January since records began in 1910 – saturated the ground and led to frequent over-topping of the rivers Tone and Parrett creating a huge lake covering …

Where did the Yellowstone River flood in Montana?

In Montana, flooding occurred on the Yellowstone River and its major tributaries; the Bighorn River, Tongue River, and Powder River.

When did the Marias River flood in Montana?

Devastating flooding resulted with peak stream flows far exceeding previous records at many points. The USGS determined the peak discharge of the Marias River near Shelby to be 40,200 cfs on June 18; previous peak was 29,500 cfs in 1907.

What was the cause of the Montana Flood of 1908?

The rainfall was heavy over most of this district, and combined with the water from the rapidly melting snow in the high mountains, caused unprecedented floods in nearly all rivers and streams. The greatest property loss, due to flood, in the history of the state was caused by high water in the various streams June 3-6, 1908.

When did the flooding in Helena Montana happen?

For 24 hours, on the 4th and 5th, Helena and Butte were without train service in any direction. In the city of Butte the heavy rains were followed by a fall of 9 inches of moist snow on June 4 that caused severe damage to wires and flooded many streets in the older sections.