When did stampylongnose start building time on Minecraft?

When did stampylongnose start building time on Minecraft?

Building Time is a series of Stampylongnose and IBallisticSquid on the Minecraft Xbox that started on September 25th, 2015. Starring Stampylongnose, and IBallisticSquid, Building Time is a quick build series where Squid and Stampy must “Build in Time!” This is the last regular Minecraft series which features the Stampy-Squid tandem.

What are the top 10 stampylongnose videos?

Top 10’s are a series of videos where Stampy ranks the ten best things and moments from different videos based on his criteria on how they will be judged. Beat the Heat! Look At Me I Have Won! (82) Battling the Wither One-Handed! (64) Thieving Seagull! (29) STOP BUILDING! (43) For Freedom And Happiness! (65) WHAAAAA! (33)

How does the winner of stampylongnose get declared?

Once a winner had been declared (by the group of assorted apes and monkeys who count the votes), they would place one block onto their podium. The winner of the series would be declared once either Stampy or Squid reach 50 wins. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

Why did Stampy and squid make stampylongnose?

Stampy and Squid originally decided to do this series because of a past series of theirs with the same basic concept. Earlier before the airing of the series, Stampy had posted tweets on Twitter about requesting suggestions for the quick build. He revealed the new series a day before the airing also on Twitter.

When did Stampylonghead create his Lets Play channel?

This channel is currently the home of his many Lets Play series, it was created on May 19, 2009. The channel ‘Stampylonghead’ was created on 19th May 2009 as a side-channel for his vlogs and the console gameplay channel, Stampylongnose.

When did stampylongnose reach his 100, 000 subscribers?

He reached his 100,000th subscriber in July 2013, from just having 1000 subscribers by the beginning of that year. Numbers began to grow exponentially, and would eventually reach 500,000 subscribers by November of that year.

How often do you get Minecraft videos on Stampylonghead?

Stampylonghead’s channel can be summed up as ‘family-friendly gameplay content’, very different from what Joseph Garrett used to make on the stampylongnose channel. Uploads are released on a daily basis, with “a Minecraft video every single day” (which has since reduced).