What nationality is the last name Holbrook?

What nationality is the last name Holbrook?

The origins of the Holbrook name come from when the Anglo-Saxon tribes ruled over Britain. The name Holbrook was originally derived from a family having lived in the region of Holbrook in Suffolk. The surname Holbrook originally referred to a “sunken stream”or “hollow brook”, “brook in a hollow” in Old English.

Is Holbrook a German name?

Holbrook Name Meaning The name has probably absorbed the Dutch surname van Hoobroek, found in London in the early 17th century, and possibly a similar Low German surname (Holbrock or Halbrock). Several American bearers of the name in the 1880 census give their place of birth as Oldenburg or Hannover, Germany.

What is Holbrook?

Holbrook (Navajo: Tʼiisyaakin) is a city in Navajo County, Arizona, United States. The city is the county seat of Navajo County. Holbrook was founded in 1881 or 1882, when the railroad was built, and named to honor the first chief engineer of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, Henry Randolph Holbrook.

Where does the last name Holbrook come from?

Holbrook Genealogy & History. Holbrook, also spelled with a terminal e and with less common variations as well, is a locational name for the old region of Holbrook, which is now a village in the English county of Suffolk, in East Anglia; Holbrook is Old English and means sunken stream.

Who are some famous people from the Holbrook family?

Holbrook family history comes to the New World with Thomas Holbrook, who sailed to Boston in 1630. Holbrook genealogy includes several well-known people, such as comic artist Bill Holbrook, former diplomat and ambassador Richard Holbrooke, and British Admiral Richard Holbrook.

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