What is Zone LCA22?

What is Zone LCA22?

LCA22 zoning allows for many uses including horses, farming, livestock, kennels. ( Buyer to confirm specific uses). Built in pool and spa. Outdoor living area near pool creates a nice set up for entertaining. Large bonus structure creates great storage or may be adaptable for other uses. (

What is LAR2 zoning?

LAR1 zoning is for single family home, standard residential area. LAR2 zoning is for two family dwellings. LAR3 zoning is for multiple units, number of units is based on lot size and location. In most cases this will be up to 10 units.

How do I change my zoning in Los Angeles?

Zone change may be initiated by the Board of Supervisors, the Regional Planning Commission, or more commonly, by individual property owners who desire to develop property with a land use or density that is not permitted by the existing zoning classification.

What is Zone r1?

R-1 (Single-Unit Residential) Zoning District. The R-1 zoning district is intended to provide for areas appropriate for a range of detached single-family residential dwelling units, each located on a single legal lot, and does not include condominiums or cooperative housing.

Where can I find Los Angeles County zoning?

For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code, or stop by the office of the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, Room 1360 Hall of Records, 320 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Phone: (213) 974-6411.

How big of an area can I build in zone R-1?

1 to 5 acres, depending on type of structures and/or number and types of animals (22.24.070) 13 times buildable area for non-residential uses (22.52.050) Properties developed with single family residences are subject to the same requirements as in zone R-1 (22.24.110)

What are the zoning requirements for single family homes?

Properties developed with single family residences are subject to the same requirements as in zone R-1 (22.16.050) Animal-related structures must be kept a minimum of 50 feet from streets and highways and structures used for human habitation (22.16.030.C)

How big does a business have to be to have a zoning code?

Stands for the display and sales of products grown on the property must be wooden, not larger than 300 sq. ft., not nearer than 20 feet from a street, and on a parcel of at least 1 acre (22.16.030.C) Please note that effective February 28, 2019, the following Code section references have been updated as listed above.