What is the shortcut key for PDF?

What is the shortcut key for PDF?

Keys for navigating a PDF

Result Windows/UNIX Action macOS Action
Go to page Ctrl+Shift+N Command+Shift+N
Previous open document Ctrl+F6 (UNIX) Command+F6
Next open document Shift+Ctrl+F6 (UNIX) Shift+Command+F6
Scroll up Up Arrow Up Arrow

What is the shortcut keys for print?

However, you can use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + P to open the print window on a PC or Command + P to open the print window on an Apple computer.

How to use the keyboard shortcuts in PDF?

1 Shortcut Keys 2 Alt + D 3 Ctrl + E 4 Left arrow 5 End 6 Home 7 F11 8 Num Lock + Asterisk (*) 9 Num Lock + plus (+) 10 Num Lock + minus (-) 11 Alt + P 12 Alt + Enter 13 Ctrl + F 14 Ctrl + N 15 Ctrl + W 16 Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel 17 Ctrl + Shift + E 18 Ctrl + Shift + N 19 Right arrow 20 Alt + Right arrow

What are the keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8?

Windows logo key + Shift + Left arrow or Right arrow Move an app or window in the desktop from one monitor to another Windows logo key + Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout Windows logo key + Ctrl + Spacebar Change to a previously selected input Windows logo key + Enter Open Narrator Windows logo key + Shift + period (.)

How to use keyboard shortcuts to open programs?

Alt + Tab Toggle between open applications Alt, F + X or Alt + F4 Exit application Alt, Spacebar + X Maximize window Alt, Spacebar + N Minimize window Ctrl + W Closes window F2 Renames a selected file or folder Open Programs To open programs from START menu: Create a program shortcut and drop it into

How to use keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint?

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (Windows) CTRL+SHIFT+ < Decrease the font size CTRL+SHIFT+F Change font and size Microsoft PowerPoint Navigation Page Up/Down Moves to next/previous slide Ctrl + M Insert a slide in current presentation Ctrl + W Close a presentation F5 View slide show from beginning