What is the salary of an RHCE fresher in India?

What is the salary of an RHCE fresher in India?

Salary for a fresher with an RHCE certificate is around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month. The more experience you gain, the higher the salaries become.

Is RHCE a good certification?

The Red Hat Certified Engineer, also known as RHCE, is a highly regarded certification course that enables the understanding, knowledge, and operational skills required for the management and administration of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

Which is the best course for RHCE certification in India?

If you are interested to enter IT sector without programming skill, RHCE certification is one of the best way. There are several centers that train RHCE course in India, but make sure that you have joined an authorized center. You can check those details in Red Hat official website. RHCE fee for training may vary at each center.

How much is the training fee for RhCE?

RHCE fee for training may vary at each center. I paid Rs.7500 as training fee, actually it was during an offer period. Currently RHCE training fee in my center is Rs.15,000. RHCE training period is 2 months and within this you can get expertise in this field. Exam fee is Rs.10,500 with one attempt free. Exam fee – Rs.10,500 with one attempt free.

When do I need to redo my RHCE certification?

RHCE certification validity is 3 years or valid till the next Red Hat version release,. Suppose Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has released then you need redo the certification. So, once you earn RHCE certificate you should enter a job in this domain and gain experience.

Do you have to pass RHCSA exam to be RhCE?

You must pass the RHCSA (EX200) and RHCE exam (EX300). If you want to be RHCE you must first pass the RHCSA certification (EX200 exam). Of course, you can pass the RHCE exam before, but the full RHCE title you can posses, only after passing these two exams. Is Red Hat certification useful?