What is the religion of Garo?

What is the religion of Garo?

Religion. A large part of the Garo community follow Christianity, with some rural pockets practising traditional animist religion known as Songsarek.

Who brought Christianity to Meghalaya?

In the 1830s, American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society had become active in Northeast to convert indigenous tribes to Christianity. Later, they were offered to expand and reach into Cherrapunji Meghalaya, but they lacked the resources to do so and declined.

What is Garo culture?

The Garos are the second largest tribe after the Khasis in Meghalaya. The Garos refer to themselves as A’chik or Mande and their language belongs to the Bodo branch of the Bodo-Naga-Kachin family of Sino Tibetan phylum.

Who are the Garo tribe?

The Garos, who call themselves A·chiks, are the second largest tribe in Meghalaya. As such they are the dominant tribe and inhabit the greater parts of the present Ampati Civil Sub-Division. The Garos have a strong tradition that they have come from Tibet.

Who was the founder of Garo Baptist Church?

Both Omed and Ramke resigned from the Government service and returned to their native village, Wa·trepara. With the hard work of Omed, first Garo Baptist Church was organized with 39 members by Dr. Bronson on the 14th April 1867. With the help of Omed and Ramke and some genuine Christians, Garo Christians began to grow.[10]

What kind of religion does the Garo tribe have?

The Garo tribal religion is popularly known as Songsarek. Their tradition “Dakbewal” relates to their most prominent cultural activities. In 2003 the group called “Rishi Jilma” was founded to safeguard the ancient Garo Songsarek religion.

What kind of churches are in Garo Hills?

They toiled so hard to spread the Good News in Garo Hills. The Missionaries like Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of North India, Pentecostal Movements and many other churches also spread in Garo Hills both from outside influence and also from local churches.

How did Christianity come to Garo Hills, Meghalaya?

The State does not have any particular religion, but majority of the people especially the Garos are Christians. In this short article, I would like to mention how the Christianity came to Garo Hills. Before understanding the coming of Christianity into Garo Hills, it is better to understand the history of the Garos.