What is the primary source of acid rain?

What is the primary source of acid rain?

Power plants release the majority of sulfur dioxide and much of the nitrogen oxides when they burn fossil fuels, such as coal, to produce electricity. In addition, the exhaust from cars, trucks, and buses releases nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the air. These pollutants cause acid rain.

What are the two major sources of acid rain?

Causes of acid rain The biggest sources are coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles. When humans burn fossil fuels, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are released into the atmosphere.

What are the major sources of acid rain Mcq?

It mostly occurs due to the presence of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Nitrogen and sulphur oxides react with water vapour to form acids. Large amounts of sulphur and nitrogen oxides are emitted from power plants and large industries.

What are 3 effects of acid rain?

Acid rain has been shown to have adverse impacts on forests, freshwaters, and soils, killing insect and aquatic life-forms, causing paint to peel, corrosion of steel structures such as bridges, and weathering of stone buildings and statues as well as having impacts on human health.

What is the main natural source of acid rain?

Volcanic eruptions are a very good example of natural sources of acid rain. The pollutants that release through natural processes accumulate in the atmosphere every time and later on, it enhances the chances of acid rain. The volcanic eruption is one of the major natural causes of acid rain.

What are some natural causes of acid rain?

Acid rain is caused by both human and natural sources. Natural causes include volcanoes, lightning and decaying plant and animal matter. In the United States, fossil-fuel combustion is the primary cause of acid rain.

What re the main causes of acid rain?

Man-made or Anthropogenic Causes of Acid Rain Combustion of coal and oil As stated earlier, the principal emissions accountable for acidic depositions in the atmosphere are oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Power plants and manufacturing industries Contemporary power plants use fuel to generate energy. Automobiles and other vehicles

What is the main source that form acid rain?

The principal cause of acid rain is sulfur and nitrogen compounds from human sources, such as electricity generation, animal agriculture, factories, and motor vehicles. Electrical power generation using coal is among the greatest contributors to gaseous pollution responsible for acidic rain.