What is the go down south ad?

What is the go down south ad?

The campaign, which purports to promote South Australian food, wine and tourism, sparked controversy last month for its risque slogan, “Go Down South, With Your Mouth”, taken by many as a double entendre. The SATC immediately distanced itself from the campaign, with a spokesperson saying at the time: “It’s so not us.”

What is Tourism South Australia?

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) markets South Australia as a holiday destination nationally and internationally and builds the state’s events calendar by securing, developing and expanding major events and festivals to grow the visitor economy and create jobs for the state.

What is South Australia’s slogan?

South Australia tourism advert with the slogan ‘go down south, with your mouth’ raises eyebrow.

What is famous about South Australia?

South Australia is now considered one of the best areas for winemaking in the entire world. With famous brands nestled within the wine regions, tourists can travel to Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Clare Valley, visiting the famous brands known worldwide.

What does SA stand for in Australia?

South Australia
Commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in Australia

State Acronym
South Australia SA
Victoria Vic
Tasmania Tas
Western Australia WA

What is CU in the NT?

CU in the NT is the independent underground campaign designed to promote travel awareness to the unique Northern Territory as an ideal travel destination for the young or young at heart.

Why South Australia is the best?

Our relaxed yet prosperous and affordable lifestyle, ease of travel, low population density, safety, and abundance of cultural and leisure activities, makes South Australia one of the great boutique regions of the world.

What is South Australia called?

Instead of its current name, South Australia should be called simply Adelaide and its capital should become — somewhat confusingly — “Adelaide, Adelaide”.

Who named Western Australia?

In 1829 the Swan River Colony was established on the Swan River by Captain James Stirling. By 1832, the British settler population of the colony had reached around 1,500, and the official name of the colony was changed to Western Australia on 6 February that year.

What is South Australia best known for?

South Australia is home to Kangaroo Island , an internationally renowned wildlife haven. It is also known for its wine. The Barossa Valley is Australia’s richest and best-known wine region. Premium wines, five-star restaurants and cellar doors abound among the hills and vineyards.

Why is Adelaide famous?

South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide is known for its festivals, incredible food and premium wine regions just a short drive from the centre of town. With a packed events calendar and some of the country’s best restaurants and small bars, there’s always something exciting happening in Adelaide.

What was South Australia originally called?

The colony became a cradle of democratic and land reform in Australia. It was the first place in the world to institute the system of land registration known as Torrens title in 1858….Proclamation of South Australia (1836)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Colony of New South Wales Australia South Australia

What’s the new tourism advert for South Australia?

A cheeky new tourism campaign for South Australia that made its debut on Wednesday has left many Aussies wondering who is behind the supposed April Fool’s Day joke. The new campaign invites visitors to “go down south with your mouth” and indulge on the wine, food and “unforgettable experiences” available in the state.

What is the tourism industry in South Australia?

Tourism is an economic priority and our mission is to make South Australia a destination of choice for international and domestic visitors. Our tourism industry employs 38,900 people and has reached $7.6 billion in visitor expenditure.

Who is the old man in the SA Tourism AD?

The ad Don’t Feel Sorry For Old Mate… headlines the South Australian Tourism Commission’s summer marketing campaign and was released over the weekend. It features a solitary elderly man, called Dave, at a range of tourist spots, including a vineyard and a jetty.

What was the SA Tourism Commission old mate Ad?

South Australia’s latest attempt to promote itself as a destination of choice has fallen flat with locals, and is being widely condemned on social media as offensive and ageist. The ad Don’t Feel Sorry For Old Mate… headlines the South Australian Tourism Commission’s summer marketing campaign and was released over the weekend.