What is the Flipple technique?

What is the Flipple technique?

Use the “flipple” technique to get as much of your breast tissue into your baby’s mouth as possible. Point your nipple very high towards their nose, try to get as much of the bottom part of your areola into your baby’s mouth and use your finger to flip their top lip up after they have latched on.

How do I get my baby to open his mouth wider to latch?

Teach baby to open wide/gape:

  1. Avoid placing baby down in a feeding position until you are completely ready to latch baby.
  2. move baby toward breast, touch top lip against nipple.
  3. move mouth away SLIGHTLY.
  4. touch top lip against nipple again, move away again.
  5. repeat until baby opens wide and has tongue forward.

What causes shallow latch?

Tongue ties or lip ties can prevent a baby from opening their mouth wide enough, resulting in a shallow latch, and some may even require surgery to correct them. (Others may just need a position change to help your little one get a deep enough latch.)

Do you need to use the flipple latch technique?

The flipple technique also is suitable for any mother and baby who needs help deepening their latch and taking more of the breast into their mouth. Here’s what you need to do to get the flipple latch down properly.

Which is the exaggerated latch or ” flipple ” breastfeeding technique?

The exaggerated latch or “flipple” breastfeeding technique… | The Milk Meg And here is another video demonstrating the flipple in an upright position but baby is supported from behind by both a pillow and their mother’s arm… Have you used the flipple and/or the koala hold? Share your experiences below!

What’s the best way to get your baby to latch?

Getting the right latch is a vital part of breastfeeding, and if you and your baby are struggling to do so, using the flipple latch technique could be the answer for you. This technique encourages deep latching to reduce any discomfort you might experience while allowing your baby to remove milk from the breast efficiently.

How to get a better latch or the exaggerated latch?

The exaggerated latch or “flipple” breastfeeding technique… *More information on this topic can be found in my NEW BOOK on breastfeeding and tongue ties, “All Tied Up! How To Keep On Boobin’ Through A Tongue Tie”.