What is the dispersive power of a prism?

What is the dispersive power of a prism?

Dispersive power of prism is defined as the measure of the difference in refraction of the light of the highest wavelength and the lowest wavelength that enters the prism. The dispersive power of the prism can also be expressed in terms of the angle between the two extreme wavelengths.

How do you find the dispersive power of a prism?

Lesson: The Dispersive Power of a Prism Physics

  1. recognize that the shorter the wavelength of light, the greater its deviation by a prism,
  2. use the formula ? = ? − ?      m i n m a x m i n m a x to relate the dispersive power of a prism to the angles of deviation of different wavelengths of light passing through it,

What is the dispersive power and its formula?

The dispersive power for any transparent medium is measured by the ratio of difference in refractive index of two different wavelengths to the refractive index at some specified intermediate wavelength. The angular dispersion is known as the difference in deviation between extreme colours.

On what factors dispersive power of prism depend?

Answer: Angular dispersive power of a prism depends on the refractive index of the prism and independent of the shape and size of the prism.

How to calculate the dispersive power of a prism?

EXPERIMENT-1 DISPERSIVE POWER OF A PRISM AIM:To determine the dispersive power of a material of prism using Spectrometer APPARATUS: Spectrometer, Prism, Mercury Vapor Lamp etc. FORMULA: The dispersive power of the prism is given by b g av1 w Where,  2 b g av sin 2 sin 2 B b A D A sin 2 sin 2 g G A D A A = angle of the prism D

How is the dispersion of light related to angle of Prism?

Dispersion of light:- when a ray of white light passes through a prism it splits up into its constituents colors this phenomenon of splitting of white light its constituent color is called dispersion . Angle of prism: The angle between two surfaces of the prism is known as the refracting angle or angle of prism.

How is the refractive index of a prism calculated?

The refractive index of the material of the prism can be calculated by the equation. Where, D is the angle of minimum deviation, here D is different for different colour . Consider two colour green and violet, corresponding minimum deviation is D G and D V , corresponding refractive index is.

What do you need to know about prisms?

Switch On/Off Light : Used to switch on/off the light. Place Prism/Remove Prism : This switch used to place the prism on the prism table or remove prism from the prism table. Slit focus : This slider used to focus the slit while looking through telescope.