What is Syndetic and asyndetic?

What is Syndetic and asyndetic?

•Syndetic listing –means listing connected with a conjunction/connective–A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied round his head.•Asyndetic listing –means listing connected with a comma instead of a conjunction/connective–A man with no hat, with broken shoes, with an old rag tied round his …

What does Syndetic mean in poetry?

Serving to connect, as a conjunction; copulative or conjunctive. (grammar) Serving to connect; conjunctive. Syndetic words or connectives. Syndetic references in a dictionary.

What is asyndetic sentence?

The definition of asyndetic refers to the act of leaving out one or more of the usual conjunctions between sentence elements. The sentence “I gave her food, shelter, clothing” is an example of asyndetic. adjective. (grammar) Not connected by a conjunction.

What is an example of polysyndeton?

Polysyndeton is a big word coming from Ancient Greek. Writers use polysyndetons in writing to give the items equal power rhythm, and even enthusiasm. A great example of polysyndeton is the postal creed: ‘Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers.

What’s the difference between asyndeton and syndetic?

Despite its formidable name asyndeton is nothing more than a different way of handling a list or a series,Asyndeton uses no conjunctions and separates the terms of the list with commas.

How is polysyndeton related to the concept of syndetic coordination?

Polysyndeton places a conjunction (and, or) after every term in the list (except, the last). It differs from the conventional treatment of lists and series, which is to use only commas between all items except the last two, these being joined by a conjunction. Polysyndeton is linked to Syndetic coordination ,…

When to use a polysyndeton and asyndeton?

It is often used to change the rhythm of the text, either faster or slower, and can convey either a sense of gravity or excitement. It can also be used to intentionally overwhelm the reader, giving them very little room for mentally or visually breathing with the lack of commas.

Which is the opposite of the word polysyndeton?

The Opposite of Polysyndeton: Asyndeton. Polysyndeton has an opposite, called asyndeton (something Joe is very fond of using). Asyndeton is what would result if you replaced all the conjunctions in the sample sentence above with commas, as in the famous Julius Caesar quote, “Veni, vidi, vici.”.