What is Oliver library system?

What is Oliver library system?

About Oliver: Oliver is a web based learning, teaching, information and library management tool that can be accessed through the DEC Portal. It delivers 24/7 anywhere, anytime access to your school library resources including digital content such as eBooks and websites.

What is Oliver software?

Invest in your student’s education with Oliver v5, the innovative library management solution that grows with your students. Your library software should reflect your needs, and the needs of your students. Oliver development is user-driven; we work with students and library staff at every step.

How do I reserve a book at Oliver library?

Go to the Log In drop down menu (top right corner). Click on Student Portal, and sign in using your SCHOOL USERNAME AND PASSWORD. You will be taken to the STUDENT PORTAL/KIDSPACE. NOTE: If you have a number after your name, you must use it?

How do you borrow books from Oliver?

Click on the item you want to borrow. The ebook/audiobook will open in a new window for you to listen to or read. Click on the dropdown menu and click ‘Loans’ Page 8 Your library loans will be displayed here. Your digital loans will be found by clicking here.

What can I do with Oliver library management system?

Library Staff will be able to compile reading lists to assist students in their projects. Useful websites can be added and accessed directly through Oliver LMS. Olly is another OPAC interface specially designed for primary school students and students with mixed abilities.

How does the Oliver OPAC help the school?

Students can also search a variety of other web sources direct from the Oliver OPAC. These facilities streamline library processes and make the library a central resource in the School.

How many schools are using Oliver V5 software?

Secondary, Primary/Preparatory and all through school libraries love using Oliver v5. Softlink Education also services a number of central education departments, with 30 to 2400 schools. Oliver v5 library management software offers a digital rich, engaging experience for the entire school community.

What do you call an integrated library management system?

An Integrated Library Management System is also called an Integrated Library System (ILS).• An ILMS usually comprises a relational database, software to interact with that database, and two graphical user interfaces (one for patrons, one for staff).