What is iManage FileSite?

What is iManage FileSite?

FileSite is a client embedded in Microsoft Outlook for iManage Document Management. Significantly improved the performance of Outlook.

How do I unlock an iManage file?

Unlocking documents

  1. Highlight a document in the list.
  2. From the kebab menu , select More Actions and then select. Unlock.

How do I save a zip file to iManage?

Saving emailed Zip files into iManage

  1. Save Nested Attachments. There is a new button in the toolbar called “Save Nested Attachments”
  2. Shows the dialog.
  3. After New Document.
  4. After New Version.
  5. Then the edit profile.

How do I add iManage to Outlook?

Right-click the Outlook mail folder in the Outlook tree, and select Link to iManage. A dialog box for selecting the iManage location appears. Alternatively, select Yes on the link to iManage confirmation dialog box that appears when you create a folder or sub folder in Outlook.

What is iManage work 10 desktop?

iManage combines emails and documents for matter-centric collaboration. Professionals are able to manage emails and documents side by side with other work product, improving productivity and saving valuable time.

How do I change the security access rights to a document saved in iManage?

Object-based access rights are security settings defined on iManage Work containers….In the desktop view:

  1. Highlight a document in the list.
  2. Select .
  3. On the right, select the Properties panel.
  4. Select View Security Details.
  5. Make your changes:
  6. Select Confirm.

How do I open an old version of iManage?

You can download any of the previous versions of a document available on iManage Share.

  1. Open a document and select VERSIONS to view the list of all available document versions.
  2. Select the desired version and select Download.

What are the command line parameters for iManage?

If the application is a non-primary application (see Primary Application check box in this table), the following command line parameters pass document information to applications launched from iManage: %DOC_DB. Allows you to pass the library name %DOC_NUM. Allows you to pass the document number %DOC_VER. Allows you to pass the document version

Can you install iManage work desktop before installing filesite?

You can install FileSite or DeskSite before or after installing iManage Work Desktop for Windows as there is no recommended order for installing these applications.

How to import a new document into iManage?

To import a new document into iManage, go to the EBTdocs database on the Start Page: Click on the EBTdocs database and on the next screen choose Action, Import Document You can also import a document directly into a folder. 1. go to the folder you would like to add a document to (e.g. County Implementation/Alameda) 2.

How does iManage work work with other applications?

It simplifies the authorization and access to iManage Work data while protecting the user’s credentials. It standardizes and secures the information sharing between iManage Work and other applications. It works over HTTPS and authorizes the applications with access tokens rather than user credentials.