What is hydrograph PPT?

What is hydrograph PPT?

1. HYDROGRAPH • is a graph showing the rate of flow (discharge) versus time past a specific point in a river, or other channel or conduit carrying flow. • It can also refer to a graph showing the volume of water reaching a particular outfall.

What is hydrograph and its types?

Types of hydrographs include: Storm hydrographs. Flood hydrographs. Annual hydrographs a.k.a. regimes. Direct Runoff Hydrograph.

What is hydrograph and its uses?

In its simplest form, a hydrograph is a graphical representation of runoff rate against time (Figure 1). It shows the time distribution of runoff at the point of measurement or computation, reflecting the complex characteristics of the watershed by a single curve.

What is hydrograph used for?

A hydrograph may be used to show how the water flow in a drainage basin (particularly river runoff) responds to a period of rain. This type of hydrograph is known as a storm or flood hydrograph and it is generally drawn with two vertical axes.

What is S curve hydrograph?

928. S-curve, or S-curve hydrograph : A graph showing the summation of the ordinates of a series of unit hydrographs spaced at unit-rainfall duration intervals. It represents the hydrograph of unit rate of rainfall excess continued indefinitely.

What is unit of hydrograph?

The unit hydrograph may be defined as the direct runoff (outflow) hydrograph resulting from one unit of effective rainfall, which is uniformly distributed over the basin at a uniform rate during a specified period of time known as unit time or unit duration.

What are the component of Hydrographs?

There are three main components to the hydrograph—rising limb, peak, and falling limb. The falling limb is often referred to as the recession curve, which provides information on the configuration of the karst conduits within an aquifer system, as well as its transmissivity and volume.

What is a synthetic unit?

A synthetic unit hydrograph retains all the features of the unit hydrograph, but does not require rainfall-runoff data. A synthetic unit hydrograph is derived from theory and experience, and its purpose is to simulate basin diffusion by estimating the basin lag based on a certain formula or procedure.

What is the necessity of hyetograph?

A hyetograph is a graphical representation of the distribution of rainfall intensity over time. The maximum intensity may not be reached as uniformly as shown in the SCS hyetographs.

What is synthetic hydrograph?

What is Snyder unit hydrograph?

The synthetic unit hydrograph of Snyder (1938) is based on relationships found between three characteristics of a standard unit hydrograph and descriptors of basin morphology. The hydrograph characteristics are the effective rainfall duration, tr, the peak direct runoff rate, qp, and the basin lag time, tl.