What is GoldenSource EDM?

What is GoldenSource EDM?

GoldenSource provides enterprise data management solutions to domestic and international asset managers, banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, and global custodians, exchanges and depositories.

What is golden source application?

THE GOLD STANDARD OF DATA MANAGEMENT GoldenSource makes it easy to manage critical reference, market and risk data. We offer integrated Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software solutions for the securities and investment management community.

What is EDM in banking?

EDM is a data management platform for acquiring, validating and distributing trade, operational, risk, financial and customer data. It creates a single version of the truth in a consistent, transparent and fully audited environment. Firms benefit from greater control, ongoing compliance and transparency of their data.

What is the key element of enterprise data management EDM?

Effective EDM usually includes the creation, documentation and enforcement of operating policies and procedures associated with change management, (i.e. data model, business glossary, master data shared domains, data cleansing and normalization), data stewardship, security constraints and dependency rules.

Why is GoldenSource important to the EDM Council?

We deliver the gold standard of data to our clients around the world. GoldenSource is one of the founders of the EDM Council, proactively working towards a standardized system for data governance for our industry. Get the right data to support your governance, growth and compliance.

What kind of data management does GoldenSource offer?

Providing the gold standard of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions to global financial institutions has been GoldenSource’s core business for decades.

Where is GoldenSource Corporation located in the world?

GoldenSource Corporation, formerly known as ” Financial Technologies International ,” is a global software company in the enterprise data management industry, founded in 1984 and headquartered in New York City, United States, with offices in London, Mumbai, Milan, Melbourne, and Hong Kong.

Which is the Best Enterprise Data Management ( EDM ) solution?

Engineered to the exacting standards and requirements of the financial world, GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions have been proven to deliver in the global market for nearly 3 decades. Our exacting process of configuration assures timely implementation, and our fanatical support staff is by your side through every step.