What is David Chadwick doing now?

What is David Chadwick doing now?

David Chadwick graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Communications. David has been a pastor for over forty years. He presently leads Moments of Hope Church (MOHC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with a radio ministry, he has written eight books.

Why did David Chadwick leave Forest hills church?

While both the senior pastor and the non-denominational church he led for 39 years initially tried to put a positive spin on his sudden absence from the pulpit — including an interview Chadwick did for an Observer story that first revealed his departure — Chadwick actually had resigned under intense pressure from …

Who is David Chadwick?

David Chadwick (born 1945) grew up in Texas and moved to California to study Zen as a student of Shunryu Suzuki in 1966. Chadwick was ordained as a Buddhist priest in 1971, shortly before Suzuki’s death. He has written several books and continues to “dabble in Buddhism and related matters”.

What denomination is Forest Hill Church in Charlotte?

Running Forest Hill — a non-denominational mega-church which Chadwick said has a budget of $25 million and a staff of 150 spread over its six Charlotte-area campuses — had become such a time-consuming job that it left little time for other pursuits.

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When did David Chadwick graduate from UNC Chapel Hill?

David Chadwick graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Communications. While there, he played basketball under legendary coach Dean Smith and was a part of the 1969 Final Four team.

What did David Chadwick do at his new church?

During his 9 a.m. Easter service at his new church, Chadwick paced the gym floor. He used no notes but did hold a Bible in one hand as he led a comparatively stripped-down service. “No lights, cameras or smoke machines,” as the pastor would say later. But there was applause — lots of it, often interrupting the sermon.