What is CWMU in Utah?

What is CWMU in Utah?

The CWMU program is an effort by the Utah Wildlife Board and the Division of Wildlife Resources to recognize the contribution made by private landowners in providing big game habitat on their private lands. The vouchers must be redeemed with the State of Utah for the appropriate hunting permit.

What is a CWMU?

CWMU Maps. Utah Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMUs), formerly known as Posted Hunting Units, are hunt areas consisting of mostly private lands that have been authorized for the specific purpose of managing big game animals.

Can you use dogs to hunt deer in Utah?

Party Hunting and Use of Dogs. (1) A person may not take big game for another person, except as provided in Section 23-19-1 and Rule R657-12. (2) A person may not use the aid of a dog to take, chase, harm or harass big game.

Can you hunt on CWMU in Utah?

If you obtain a CWMU permit, you may hunt only on the CWMU specified on your permit. You may take only one animal of the species and sex listed on the permit. You may not obtain more than one pronghorn, one moose, one buck deer or one bull elk permit in a year.

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