What is At the Mountains of Madness based on?

What is At the Mountains of Madness based on?

Antarctic exploration
The story was inspired by Lovecraft’s interest in Antarctic exploration; the continent was still not fully explored in the 1930s….At the Mountains of Madness.

Cover of Astounding Stories, February 1936
Author H. P. Lovecraft
Language English
Genre Science fiction, Horror
Published February–April 1936 (Astounding Stories)

Are the Mountains of Madness real?

What follows is an attempt to geographically chart both the real fictional locations detailed in Lovecraft’s novella, At the Mountains of Madness. Place often plays a vital role in the devices of horror narratives and this is no less true in Lovecraft’s works.

How powerful is a shoggoth?

A shoggoth is capable of shaping itself into whatever organs or shapes it finds necessary at the moment; however, in its usual state it tends to sport a roiling profusion of eyes, mouths, and pseudopodia. When encountered on the South pole it was able to move at an incredible speed.

How did Tic get a shoggoth?

The original beast’s origins are unknown, but based on episode 8, it’s likely that a spell conjured the first creature to protect the Sons of Adam’s lair just like a spell gave Atticus his own shoggoth. Shoggoths are also created by biting a human being.

Where does the story at the mountains of madness come from?

Lovecraft’s most obvious literary source for At the Mountains of Madness is Edgar Allan Poe’s lone novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, whose concluding section is set in Antarctica. Lovecraft twice cites Poe’s “disturbing and enigmatic” story in his text, and explicitly borrows the mysterious phrase “Tekeli-li!” from Poe’s work.

Who are the Elder Things in at the mountains of Madness?

Dyer concludes the Elder Things are survivors of a bygone era, who slaughtered Lake’s group only in self-defense or scientific curiosity. Their civilization was eventually destroyed by the shoggoths, which now prey on the enormous penguins.

What kind of creature is the Shoggoth from the mountains of Madness?

P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness The definitive descriptions of shoggoths come from the above-quoted story. In it, Lovecraft describes them as massive amoeba -like creatures made out of iridescent black slime, with multiple eyes “floating” on the surface.

Who was the professor in the mountains of Madness?

The story is recalled in a first-person perspective by the geologist William Dyer, a professor at Arkham ‘s Miskatonic University, in the hope to prevent an important and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica.