What is an Esna nut?

What is an Esna nut?

ESNA has the capability to manufacture all metal lock nuts from both wire and sheet metal in alloy steel and stainless steel. Our product line includes fasteners which have a temperature rating of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. They are designed to endure high shear, tension, vibration, and temperature situations.

Can you unscrew nylon lock nuts?

Nylon isn’t stronger than whatever material your bolts are made of, you’ll feel them tighten up as you cut threads into the nylon, but you just hammer through and it’s not a problem. Same goes for loosening them.

Can self locking nut be reused?

For self locking nuts, it is acceptable to reuse them as long as there is still some locking action. Because the nut insert hole is smaller than the bolt it creates so much friction between all of the threads that are in contact that the nut cannot vibrate loose.

What is a Stover lock nut?

Stayloc nuts, or often referred to as Stover nuts, are self-locking. They are prevailing torque, type of hexagon lock nuts. Stover nuts are easy to install as they’re simply screwed on to a thread. Not only that, but they are also available with Flange for secure fastening and are very cost effective.

What was the first Esna locknut fastener made?

ESNA®also manufactured the first fastener to be approved to specification AN -N-5. For twenty years it was the Standard of locknut performance until ESNA®again pioneered the development of Red N y- lon as a locking insert – advancing locknut vibration and reuse capabilities a quantum leap.

How many elastic stop nuts does Esna make?

Since its founding in the 1927, ESNA has solidified its position as the name in elastic stop nuts. is synonymous with durability, reliability, customer value and the highest quality. With over 46,000 individual part numbers, ESNA is also the world’s largest producer of custom designed, tight tolerance bushings to the major OEM’s.

What are the different types of Esna fasteners?

ESNA®NYLON INSERT TYPE—The controlled inside diameter of the red nylon insert and the nylon material itself in the key to the s elf- locking effectiveness of the fastener. The ESNA®self-locking nut is free spinning until the bolt enters the locking insert.

What kind of products does Esna Aerospace make?

We also provide complementary products and service offerings that include the manufacturing of aerospace nut plates, clip nuts, aircraft fluid fittings, flanges, metal lock nuts and machined specials.