What is a fire weather forecast?

What is a fire weather forecast?

Fire weather is the use of meteorological parameters such as relative humidity, wind speed and direction, mixing heights, and soil moisture to determine whether conditions are favorable for fire growth and smoke dispersion. The National Weather Service in Jackson issues a Fire Weather Planning Forecast.

What is a fire weather warning?

A Fire Weather Watch or Red Flag Warning is issued when the combination of dry fuels and weather conditions support extreme fire danger. These products are written for land and fire managers to highlight the increased fire danger. 10 hour fuel moisture at 8% or less for one day.

What is NOAA fire?

NOAA is a proud partner of the National Interagency Fire Center, which produces a National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook every month, and reports current and historical national statistics on large fires, wildfires, acres burned — among their wide range of services related to wildland firefighting.

What are fire weather zones?

A fire weather zone is generally a small, county-sized area of land with similar climate, weather, and terrain characteristics. The weather variables presented in the forecast represent average conditions across the zone.

How to find out the fire weather in your area?

Local Fire Weather Situational Awareness Page – Displays graphics of various fire weather elements. NWS National Fire Weather Page – Localized and broad based fire weather across the country. Enhanced Data Display – Showing Current Fire Hazards with Clickable Fire Weather Forecasts.

What are the variables in the fire weather?

Variables include KBDI, last 24 hour rainfall, fire danger, mixing height and low visibility risk index. Graphs – Observations at the 19 GFC weather stations for the last week, last 4 weeks and las year.

What are the fire danger ratings in Georgia?

Forecast Fire Danger Ratings – Forecast National Fire Danger Ratings at GFC and co-operators’ weather stations for tomorrow. GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency) Maps/Apps and Information Portal – with Current Weather Maps/Decision Tools.

How is weather related to prescribed fire climatology?

Prescribed Fire Climatology – A program to calculate the frequency by month, of consecutive hours when all weather prescription variables are within range. Current Weather – Current Weather at NWS stations. Climate Outlook – Climate outlook for the next 6 months. This information came from National Center of Climate Prediction (NCEP).