What is a Class 6 rapid?

What is a Class 6 rapid?

Class VI: Extreme and Exploratory Rapids. Runs of this classification are rarely attempted and often exemplify the extremes of difficulty, unpredictability and danger. The consequences of errors are severe and rescue may be impossible.

What is a Class V rapid?

Class V: Extremely difficult, long, and very violent rapids with highly congested routes, which should be scouted from shore. Rescue conditions are difficult, and there is a significant hazard to life in the event of a mishap. The upper limit of what is possible in a commercial raft.

What is a class 4 rapid?

Class IV: WILD For strong paddlers only, Class IV (or Class 4 Rapid) is for intermediate and experienced rafters looking for a thrill. Rapids are long and unpredictable with large waves and narrow passages.

Are Class 3 rapids scary?

Class 3: Whitewater, in that the water does appear white due to all the bubbles, small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. This class may require significant maneuvering in the raft. Experienced and strong paddling skills are needed at this level.

What are the classifications of whitewater rafting Rapids?

Know the rapids classifications and what your skill level is before going on a rafting trip. Class I rapids have fast moving water with riffles and small waves. They contain few obstructions, all obvious and missed with little training. The risk to swimmers is slight and self-rescue is easy.

Where are the best whitewater rafting Rapids in Utah?

Enjoy nearly 60 rapids that are more fun than scary in an oar boat or an inflatable kayak. Moab, Utah also offers a lot of other fun one day-activities. Western Idaho’s Lower Salmon River is ideal for families with younger kids (Family Magic trips) with rapids that are fun and challenging, but not too crazy.

How big are the Whitecaps on a whitewater raft?

Rafting trips on class I whitewater are generally labeled as “scenic float trips”. Most rivers have stretches of calm Class I water, creating a pleasant break between larger rapids. Easy rapids to navigate, generally broad sections of water moving fast enough to create 1 – 3 foot whitecaps.

Which is the best white water rapid course?

The course may be hard to determine and scouting is often necessary. Adding in our exclusive upper river stretch, the White Salmon River is one of the best class IV adventures in the country. For multi-day class IV, we recommend the Owyhee River.