What is a break-off in snooker?

What is a break-off in snooker?

The typical break-off shot sees players cue the white to hit the furthermost red ball – the pack splits slightly, and the objective is to return the white to the baulk cushion.

What is Mark Williams break-off shot?

Mark Williams break-off shot. The cue ball bounces off the bottom rail and nestles at the back of the pack of red balls, leaving his opponent with little chance to pot a red ball.

Who breaks off first in snooker?

BBC Sport Academy | Other Sport | Snooker | Breaking those balls. Before the game, a coin is tossed to decide who has the option of breaking first. If you win the toss it’s always best to break first.

How to aim a snooker break off shot?

The snooker Break off shot, how to aim a snooker break of shot. Break From Life Snooker tutorial on how to play a Snooker break off shot. Where to put the white in the D which red to hit. As well as where you should leave the cue ball on the balk cushion. learning this shot can be tough especially without our complete guide so have a look.

When does the referee declare a touching ball in snooker?

All of the reds are “on” for the break-off shot, and for the first shot of any turn in which one or more reds are still on the table. If the cue ball comes to rest in direct contact with a ball that is on or could be on, the referee shall declare a “touching ball”.

When does a player not foul in snooker?

The first player has the ball in his hand, and places it in the “D”. the player plays a stroke. He does not foul if he positions the cue ball with his cue, even the cue tip, because he is not playing a stroke. He does not foul if he knocks another ball whilst placing the cue ball, because he is not playing a stroke.

What are the rules for the triangle in snooker?

The colours should all be on their spots, and the triangle should be as close to, but not touching, the pink as possible. Realise that there is no requirement in the rules for ensuring that all reds are touching in the triangle.