What is a Bosozoku car?

What is a Bosozoku car?

Bosozoku roughly translates to “violent running gang,” and there are indeed motorcycle gangs that make up part of the subculture. However, the word primarily refers to the aggressive (violent) styling that defines these cars. Think of Bosozoku as American stance culture on steroids.

What does Bosozoku mean?

violent speed tribe
Though first known as the “kaminari zoku” or “thunder tribe,” the term “bosozoku” (which roughly translates to “violent speed tribe”) was coined in the 1970s, when riots broke out and biker culture became more criminal in nature. The tribes consisted mostly of working-class teenagers.

Is Bosozoku real?

Bōsōzoku (暴走族, literally “running-out-of-control (as of a vehicle) tribe”) is a Japanese youth subculture associated with customized motorcycles. The first appearance of these types of biker gangs was in the 1950s. Popularity climbed throughout the 1980s and 1990s, peaking at an estimated 42,510 members in 1982.

What cars are used for Bōsōzoku?

The manga/anime of Shakotan Boogie features two brothers driving extremely lowered cars. One of them being a white Toyota Soarer Z10, hence the popularity of that particular car under Shakotan fans. This style is the mild variant of the Bosozoku style.

What kind of car is a bosozoku?

B?s?zoku (???, “violent running gang”) is a Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs. So, Bosozoku style cars should best be described as the cars driven by the Japanese gangs. This is partly true of course, but a lot of people actually like the Bosozoku styling as well eventhough they are not a member of a gang…

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