What happens when you finish the impossible quiz?

What happens when you finish the impossible quiz?

Question 110 from the Impossible Quiz is the final question in the game, and the tenth and last one of The Epic 10 questions. This means that if you have used at least one of them before getting here (or failed to obtain either of the two Skips in Question 84), the game actually becomes impossible to beat.

What is the answer to 42 on the impossible quiz?

42nd 42
The correct answer is the 42nd 42. It’s the second 42 in the bottom row. Click it to proceed. This question is in reference to Douglas Adams’ book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”.

What is the answer to level 56 in the impossible quiz?

What this question pretends is that you remember the colour code from Question 50, which said “Blue, red, blue, yellow”, so what you have to do is to press those colours in the same order, without being able to see where your cursor is.

What is the answer to number 7 on the impossible quiz?

The answer is “An elephant”; while it may be because the actual size of an elephant is larger than the other choices on the screen, there’s also a chance that this picture was based on a fake screenshot of a female participant of the show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” allegedly answering the question “Which of the …

How many questions are there in the impossible quiz?

There are in total 110 questions. You’re given only three lives, and you’ll lose one with every mistake you make. This original game works without Flash on any device. Did you answer all 110 questions? Play The Impossible Quiz 2. How to play The Impossible Quiz? Click the right answer out the of the four options.

How are skips used in the impossible quiz?

Above these is a very simple sentence in red text that reads: “Use your skips!”. The music also stops at a complete halt. In order to complete the Impossible Quiz all you have to do is to use all of the seven Skips you got throughout the game in this question.

How to play the impossible quiz on Poki?

How to play The Impossible Quiz? Click the right answer out the of the four options. Use Skips to skip a particular questions of the game. Watch out for Bombs which have a timer to answer the question before the time runs out or it is Game Over.

Which is the safest option on the impossible quiz?

Safe question? Question 22 from the Impossible Quiz states that “The choice is yours”, with the four possible options below being “+1 life”, “-1 life”, “Escape!!”, and “+1 skip”. The answer is “+1 skip”, because it’s like an instant skip to the next question.