What does jalopy mean in slang?

What does jalopy mean in slang?

old car
A jalopy is an old car that isn’t working very well. You’d never call a new, smooth-running car a jalopy. There are a lot of insulting words in English, mostly for people. This insult is for a car: a jalopy is a rundown, beat-up, falling apart car that needs to be replaced.

Why is it called jalopy?

These shiploads happened so frequently that the ship clerks and dock workers began calling these cars by a slang name: Jalapas. In time this slang eventually morphed into Jalopies. These beat up cars became the poor man’s transport and were often called Jalopy, no matter their make and model.

How do you use jalopy in a sentence?

1. I’ve sold my old jalopy to my neighbour’s son. 2. The old jalopy clanked up the hill.

What’s another word for jalopy?

Synonyms of jalopy

  • beater,
  • clunker,
  • crate,
  • junker.

What’s the meaning of the term Sloppy Jalopy?

A sloppy jalopy is a sexual act for partners very comfortable with each other. During fellatio, when the man is about to climax, he pushes the girl away, cums in his own hand and smacks the girl in the face with it. This is called a sloppy jalopy.

How is the word’jalopy’used in a sentence?

Examples of jalopy in a Sentence. They were shocked when the jalopy sitting in the barn actually started. his parents gave him an old jalopy for school. Recent Examples on the Web So, what exactly is causing the moon to rust like an old jalopy sitting in a junkyard? — Jennifer Nalewicki, Smithsonian Magazine, “Why Is the Moon Covered in Rust?

Where does the term ” jalopy neck ” come from?

Get the jalopy neck gaiter and mug. Slang term for an obsolete, worn-down machine or hardware device. Derived from the misspelling of the word ” Jalapa “, which is the name of some town in Mexico that is famous for the Jalapeno pepper, and its former junk-car-scrapping industry.

What does the slang term ” tight ” mean?

As in, “cool,” or of exceptional character / quality. All of our slang term and phrase definitions are made possible by our wonderful visitors. If you know of another definition of Tight that should be included here, please let us know. “That show was so tight!” “I get tight if someone is making fun of me.” “Those shoes are tight.”