What does forking a yard mean?

What does forking a yard mean?

The slang dictionary Web site www.urbandictionary.com offers several definitions for forking, with one fitting Waters’ description: “Sticking forks into someone’s yard, usually to form words or pictures; can be used to laugh at a friend or to (anger) an enemy.”

What is forking a football field?

“Forking” Senior Prank. You stick a bunch of forks into the ground to spell out graduation year. “Forking” Senior Prank. You stick a bunch of forks into the ground to spell out graduation year.

What does it mean when someone forks you?

(A partial disguise. Rude and derogatory.) Fork you, you stupid twit!

Do plastic forks in the garden work?

Keep the pests at bay: It turns out that plastic forks do a good job of keeping pests away from your precious gardens. Forks, knives and spoons…but they’re all good.

Why did someone put forks in my yard?

Much of the fun of the prank involves watching the victim tediously remove all the forks from the yard. Sometimes the forks are broken off at the handle, leaving only the pointed end sticking up and barely visible.

Can a garden fork be used to aerate a lawn?

I have used a garden fork to aerate my lawn many times as it is you would presume the simplest way to do it, just grab a fork and stick it into your lawn, simple eh? Aerating your lawn with a garden fork is not as simple or easy as you may think it is.

What’s the best way to fork a lawn?

Gather your forks and get out of the car. 8) Walk down the sidewalk to the house. Don’t run. Be casual; don’t look suspicious. 9) Walk up to the house. Stay on the lawn and stay down. Don’t stand, I find it more fun when you army crawl. 10) Stick the forks in the lawn with the prongs facing UP.

What’s the meaning of the phrase get the forked?

Get the Forked! neck gaiter and mug. past of forking. when a group of people got together and rammed plastic forks into someone’s yard late at night while everyone was sleeping. The target is normally a teacher or professor. In the south forking is considered a form of endearment.