What does Band 3 mean on the council list?

What does Band 3 mean on the council list?

priority housing needs
Band 3 is for priority housing needs where the council recognises the need for residents to be rehoused.

Is Band C good for housing?

Band C is for all applicants on the housing register. Applicants in Band C do not have any priority and are housed in date order from the date their applications were registered.

What is housing band 3a?

Band 3– A moderate need to move People living in moderately overcrowded accommodation (needing two bedrooms) People living in unsanitary or unsatisfactory accommodation which does not pose an immediate or serious threat to their health.

How many council houses are there in Wolverhampton?

Five of whom are independent, with expertise in a variety of professional functions, five are tenants, who live in the homes themselves and five are Councillors at Wolverhampton City Council….Wolverhampton Homes.

Formation 2005
Website www.wolverhamptonhomes.org.uk

When to apply for banding home in Wolverhampton?

• The applicant has an urgent need to move to a particular area in the City and where not to do so would cause hardship to themselves or to others. • Wolverhampton City Council or Registered Provider tenant releasing three or more bedrooms;

Can a tenant of Wolverhampton City Council move?

• A tenant of Wolverhampton City Council or a Registered Provider wishes to leave a house and move to a flat, maisonette or bungalow; • The applicant’s home is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order/Closing Order;

How does the banding system work for council housing?

There will also be prioritisation of applicants within specific bands. All applications will be given an application date. Within each band there will be prioritisation using the date that the applicant is placed within the band awarded to their application.

Can a single person share a bathroom in Wolverhampton?

• The applicant is a single person sharing any of kitchen, bathroom or toilet (does not apply to owner occupiers or a tenant of any kind that has their own kitchen, bathroom and toilet); • Wolverhampton City Council or Registered Provider tenant releasing one bedroom; or