What do you get for 2 numbers in the Irish Lottery?

What do you get for 2 numbers in the Irish Lottery?

If you play the Irish Lotto at your local bookmaker you will win £53 for just 2 numbers correct. And because you place your bet with the bookmaker you don’t share the winnings as you do on the National Lottery.

Do you win with 2 numbers on Irish lottery?

Match all six to claim the jackpot, or win another prize by matching at least two numbers plus the Bonus Ball. The Bonus Ball is selected from the remaining 41 numbers after the main six have been drawn. With so many different ways to win, the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 29.

How much does Ladbrokes pay for 3 numbers on Irish?

Unfortunately not. Ladbrokes are equal best odds on 3 balls on the Irish Lotto – which is great, as this is one of the most popular Irish Lotto bets….Ladbrokes Irish Lotto Odds.

Balls Odds (With Bonus Ball) Odds (Without Bonus Ball)
3 Balls 375/1 700/1
4 Balls 3799/1 7199/1
5 Balls 39999/1 124999/1

How much do you get for 3 numbers on Irish lottery?

The process is very simple you can choose between 1 and 5 numbers to be drawn in any of our lotto or number draws including Irish Lotto, German Lotto, Spanish Lotto etc., each returning fixed odds for the number of balls you correctly nominate e.g. if you choose to bet on 3 numbers on the outcome of the Irish Lotto …

Can you play the Irish Lottery at William Hill?

The HOME of Betting endeavours to provide you with a comprehensive range of online lottery services, draws & results on all markets across a whole variety of lotteries including 49s and Irish Lottery. Make sure you get involved now at William Hill for achance to win big.

Can You bet on the outcome of the Irish Lotto?

Bet on the outcome of the Irish Lotto with William Hill Betting on the outcome of the Irish Lotto can be a way to turn a small bet into a massive payout. The idea is simple: select numbers (between 1 and 47) and if you match them to the numbers drawn in the Irish Lottery results you will land a winning bet.

What’s the maximum payout for the Irish Lottery?

The payout for three numbers in the Irish lottery is variable depending on how many of those three numbers are winning matches. The maximum payout for all three numbers is 610:1. Home Science Math and Arithmetic

When do they draw the numbers for the Irish Lottery?

The draw then takes place with 6 numbers being produced from that draw. With the remaining 41 numbers that are now left in the pot, the draw will pull out one more number which will be declared the bonus ball. When are the Draws and How Many Are There? The draws are made each week on a Wednesday and Saturday, at around 8pm.