What are some of the duties of the first arriving engine company at a structure fire?

What are some of the duties of the first arriving engine company at a structure fire?

The engine company arrives on scene and transmits all of the necessary information to dispatch and the engine starts to initiate fire suppression. The officer is responsible to determine the size of the attack hose line.

What is the responsibility of an engine company?

1 Remember the primary mission of an engine company: to get water on the fire. To attack and extinguish a fire. To act as a supply pumper and provide water to other engines engaged in fire attack. To supply water to fire protection systems and standpipes.

What does Second Due mean?

Second-Due Basics Assist the first-due engine with initial hoseline placement. Stretch a hoseline of equal or larger size from the second engine. Enter the same entrance as the initial attack line with equal or longer hose. Support the initial line if needed or reposition to the floor above.

What is the difference between a ladder company and an engine company?

While the engine companies extend the attack lines to the seat of the fire and control fire from spreading into egress points like stairs and elevator shafts, the truckies search adjoining rooms and above the fire, either through the burning building or by raising ladders to those rooms and entering.

What does first due mean in fire service?

“First Due means consistency, ease of preplan creation and information access and community engagement through community connect.” “I’ve been in the fire service for 49 years and I’ve always struggled to get the preplan information to the firefighters in the field where they can access it and apply it to help protect their community and themselves.

What should first responders know about first due software?

Most platforms are focused on compliance and records management, not on ensuring first responders have the information they need at the time of dispatch. Accessing data and information is a struggle for your own agency, let alone for cross-agency or jurisdiction collaborations pre-, during and post incident.

What should be included in an engine checklist?

Regardless of the staffing demands of a particular jurisdiction, this checklist serves to guide the engine company in a logical fashion. The tasks are prioritized. And although the tasks are not always met in the same order each time, at the very least engine firefighters approach the scene with fixed objectives.

Why do we need first due fire and EMS Software?

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