Is Wizz Air Cancelling flights to Bulgaria?

Is Wizz Air Cancelling flights to Bulgaria?

Wizz Air Cancels All Flights Between Bulgaria and Great Britain Today and Tomorrow. Wizz Air announced today that it cancels all its flights between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom on 21.12 and 22.12. 2020 as a result of the ban on flights from the UK in order to control the Pavid-19 pandemic.

Is Wizz Air Bulgarian?

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, was recognized as the best low-cost airline company in Bulgaria and as the passengers’ most preferred choice. Wizz Air also opened its second base in the country, providing Varna citizens with great travel opportunities as well.

What country is Wizz Air from?

Budapest, Hungary
Wizz Air/Place founded

Can you fly to Bulgaria from Luton?

Yes, there are multiple flights from London Luton Airport to Bulgaria for under £73. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Wizz Air UK for just £25, but on average you can expect to pay £34.

When did Wizz Air Bulgaria cease to operate?

Wizz Air Bulgaria was Wizz Air’s Bulgarian unit set-up in 2005 and based at Sofia Airport with a fleet of 3 aircraft. It ceased operations on 31 March 2011, all flights merged back into Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.

Where does Wizz Air fly into and out of?

In October 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base at Chișinău International Airport (serving Chișinău) in Moldova. In December 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base in Varna, Bulgaria. In February 2017 Wizz Air announced a new base at London Luton Airport in the United Kingdom.

When did Wizz Air start flights from Budapest?

On 12 April 2013 Wizz Air announced that it would start flights from Budapest Airport to Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport starting from 17 June 2013. On 26 June 2013, Wizz Air announced entry into the Slovakian market, adding one new route from Košice International Airport starting from September 2013.

How many employees are there at Wizz Air?

Wizz Air signed the lease agreement in October 2010 and moved there with 150 employees in June 2011. The airline occupied over 2,000 square metres (22,000 sq ft) of space in an office building refurbished after the airline’s arrival. The facility, with open-plan offices, housed about 150 employees.