Is there a documentary on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

Is there a documentary on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

The Evolution of Teilhard de Chardin, a documentary film on Teilhard’s life, was scheduled for released in 2015. Founded in 1978, George Addair based much of Omega Vector on Teilhard’s work. The American physicist Frank J. Tipler has further developed Teilhard’s Omega Point concept in two controversial books,…

How did Teilhard de Chardin describe the phenomenon of Man?

In his masterpiece, “The Phenomenon of Man”, he postulates man as situated in an evolving universe, describing the evolutionary process of matter, life, thought and mind as originating from a oneness that has an evolutionary purpose. It appears that Teilhard de Chardin did, indeed, come to the same philosophical understanding as did Sri Aurobindo.

When did the Holy Office condemn Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

In 1962, the Holy Office condemned several of Teilhard’s works based on their alleged ambiguities and doctrinal errors. Some eminent Catholic figures, including Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope Francis, have made positive comments on some of his ideas since. The response to his writings by scientists has been mostly critical.

Who is Teilhard and what did he do?

We are dedicated to helping you set out to explore the spiritual path of the divine milieu that Teilhard pioneered. Teilhard, as he is called by those who know him, offers a truly 21st Century spiritual path to God that few people know about.

Where did Pierre Teilhard de Chardin go on the Yellow Cruise?

Teilhard took part as a scientist in the Croisière Jaune (Yellow Cruise) financed by André Citroën in Central Asia. Northwest of Beijing in Kalgan, he joined the Chinese group who joined the second part of the team, the Pamir group, in Aksu. He remained with his colleagues for several months in Ürümqi, capital of Sinkiang.

When did Pierre Teilhard de Chardin settle in Beijing?

He would remain there for about twenty years, with many voyages throughout the world. He settled until 1932 in Tianjin with Émile Licent, then in Beijing. Teilhard made five geological research expeditions in China between 1926 and 1935. They enabled him to establish a general geological map of China.