Is the RB30 a good engine?

Is the RB30 a good engine?

Nissan’s RB30, 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine has gone down in history as one of the best straight sixes of all time.

What car does the RB30 come in?

Four models of 3.0 L RB30 were produced from 1985 – 1991: RB30S – carburetted single-cam. RB30E VL Commodore – fuel-injected single-cam (114 kW at 5,200 rpm, 247 N·m (25.2 kgf·m) at 3,600 rpm)

How much boost can a stock RB30 handle?

With an aftermarket ecu and a very good tune the standard internals can handle high boost. If your talking about using a standard To3, vl turbo ecu and injectors and a fmic you can run about 7-10psi.

How much horsepower does a RB30 have?

157 hp
RB30 (3.0L I6 NA/T) RB30E R31 Skyline – fuel-injected single-cam 117 kW (157 hp; 159 PS) at 5,200 rpm, 252 N⋅m (186 lb⋅ft; 25.7 kg⋅m) at 3,600 rpm) due to a different exhaust system, later revised down to 114kw.

What’s the economy of a Nissan Patrol RB30?

Let me know how good your economy can get. Stock standard with 33s and roofrack with carby fed rb30 got 21L/100 driving gently. With a large t4 and standard VLturbo fueling and computer 7psi I used to get 15-17L/100. But give it a fogging and it will drink as much as anything else. I loved the bigger turbo so it wasnt always on boost.

What kind of fuel economy does a RB30 get?

Anyone know what type of fuel economy you’d expect from a turbo, intercooled, injected (commodore) RB30 in a GQ. Set up is mild. I’ve had a GQ with a RD28T and one with a TB42 on dual fuel. Does anyone think this would return relatively good economy or straight gas would be a better idea. Thanks in advance, Mark.

Which is better the TB42 or the RB30?

Have a friend with the TB42E (EFI) and his power and torque out do mine and his economy on petrol is better. his LPG economy is about the same, but on LPG he gets more power due to the nature of the EFI LPG setup. Wow! 700k’s to a tank of Gas!