Is Psy still under YG?

Is Psy still under YG?

On May 15, 2018, Psy officially left YG Entertainment after eight years.

When did YG Family Concert happen?

April 12, 2014
The tour kicked off at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan for a two-day performance on April 12 and 13 before visiting other cities in Japan, China and Korea….Power World Tour.

Start date April 12, 2014
End date October 25, 2014
No. of shows 10 shows
YG Family concert chronology

Who is the owner of YG Entertainment?

Yang Hyun-suk
(Korean: YG 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment agency established in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk….YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment logo
Native name YG 엔터테인먼트
Owner Yang Hyun-suk (17.1%) Naver (9.02%) Tencent Mobility Ltd. (4.36%) Yang Min-suk (3.52%)

When was YG Entertainment establish?

March 1996
YG Entertainment/Founded

Where does YG Entertainment get their music from?

YG Entertainment’s records are distributed by the following: Genie Music (Overall), LOEN Entertainment (Specific releases only) – South Korea YGEX – Japan BEC-TERO Music – Thailand Trinity Optima Production – Indonesia Tencent – China (online only) WMG – rest of Asia (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.)

When did YG Entertainment Power World Tour start?

The Power World Tour (also known as the Power Galaxy Tour) is the second world tour by South Korean music label YG Entertainment in 2014, the last being the Past, Present & the Future world tour in 2006. The tour marks the entertainment agency’s first family concert in two years.

Who was the first girl group under YG Entertainment?

2NE1 debuted in 2009 as the first major girl group under YG and became the first group to achieve nine number-one songs on the Gaon Digital Chart. Yang’s increased involvement on competitive reality television series led to several record deals with contestants, starting with K-pop Star ’s first season runner-up Lee Hi.

When does the first step by YG come out?

TREASURE Single Album 〈THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER TWO〉 TREASURE Debut Single Album 〈THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONE〉 BLACKPINK Digital Single 〈Ice Cream〉 BANG YE DAM Digital Single 〈WAYO〉 BLACKPINK Single Album 〈How You Like That〉 iKON 3rd Mini Album 〈i DECIDE〉 SECHSKIES 1st Mini Album 〈ALL FOR YOU〉 AKMU Tour 〈SAILING〉 – 2019.12~2020.03