Is Panamera GTS reliable?

Is Panamera GTS reliable?

The Panamera was one of the first Porsches to receive the PDK, and not only is it reliable and robust, but it can also drift. And overall, a used Porsche Panamera is still a very good daily-driver. It’s not quite as comfortable as a Mercedes S-Class, but it’s faster than it or the equivalent BMW 7-Series.

How fast does a Porsche Panamera GTS go?


Engine V8, 4806cc
Power 434bhp @ 6700rpm
Torque 383lb ft @ 3500rpm
0-62mph 4.4sec (claimed)
Top speed 178mph (claimed)

What is the price of Porsche Panamera GTS?

Porsche Panamera GTS Key Specifications

Price ₹ 1.87 Crore
Mileage (ARAI) 9.71 kmpl
Engine 3996 cc
Transmission Automatic (Dual Clutch) View More
Fuel Type Petrol

What is the difference between Panamera and Panamera GTS?

The 2019 Panamera S comes with a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 engine that makes up to 440 horsepower. The 2019 Panamera GTS gets a slight upgrade to a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine that can produce up to 453 horsepower.

What’s the price of a 2015 Porsche Panamera?

Pricing Notes. The 2015 Porsche Panamera has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) around $80,000, very near the base prices of the Jaguar XJ Series, the BMW 7 Series and the Lexus LS 460 L. Adding the AWD of the Panamera 4 bumps the price to about $84,000.

When did the Porsche Panamera GTS come out?

The 2015 Panamera is part of a generation that spanned the 2010 through 2016 model years. Changes throughout the current generation include the addition of the GTS trim for 2013, the introduction of long-wheelbase and plug-in S E-Hybrid models for 2014. There were no notable additions for 2015 or 2016.

Is the Porsche Panamera a good used car?

With its potent engines, athletic handling, and fantastic reliability rating, the 2015 Porsche Panamera is an exceptional super luxury car. This model has never been fully tested for safety. Its overall score is being calculated without safety. Is the 2015 Porsche Panamera a Good Used Car? Yes, the 2015 Panamera is a great super luxury car.

How much does it cost to insure a Porsche Panamera?

The 2015 Porsche Panamera’s five-year costs for gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance are projected to be nearly $33,510, or $6,702 per year. That’s above average for a super luxury car. How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Porsche Panamera?