Is Limoux worth visiting?

Is Limoux worth visiting?

Limoux is a vibrant market town of around 10,000 inhabitants. Limoux is also an excellent base for discovering the history of the region and is ideally placed for exploring the coast, the mountains, the Cathar castles and some of the finest walking and cycling country in France.

What is Limoux known for?

Limoux is best known for its sparkling wine, Blanquette de Limoux. This is reputed to be the oldest sparkling wine in France and dates back to 1531 when Benedictine monks from Saint Hilaire Abbey discovered that the wine they had laid down had fermented and formed bubbles.

Which department is Limoux in?

Geographical information

Municipality Limoux
Intercommunality CC du Limouxin
Department Aude
Territory Languedoc-Roussillon
Region Occitanie

What to see and do in Limoux France?

It is a pleasant, unassuming French town, with little in the way of ‘highlights’ but worth an excursion if you are in the region. Start your visit to Limoux in the historic centre, an attractive area around the Place de la Republique with some attractive 15th-16th century houses and other monuments.

Where is the town of Limoux in Occitania?

Limoux is a town in Aude, Occitania, about twenty kilometers south of Carcassonne. Located in the valley of the Aude which gave its name to the department, backed by hills and hills that prefigure the Massif des Corbières to the east and the Pyrenees to the south, Limoux is already inhabited in Roman times.

Which is the best holiday home in Limoux?

Holiday home Le Chat Botté is a charming holiday home, just 15 minutes from Limoux and just 30 minutes away from Carcassonne, Mirepoix and Rennes-le-Chateau. The family home is located in the centre of the village of Routier. The front gives…