Is JJ Cale the same as John Cale?

Is JJ Cale the same as John Cale?

John Weldon Cale was born in Oklahoma City, and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He later styled himself “JJ” to avoid any confusion with John Cale of the Velvet Underground. He graduated from Tulsa Central high school in 1956, then began playing in local country and rockabilly bands.

What JJ Cale songs did Clapton cover?

A complete tracklisting is available below, with each song’s vocalist(s) in parenthesis.

  • Call Me The Breeze (Eric Clapton)
  • Rock And Roll Records (Eric Clapton & Tom Petty)
  • Someday (Mark Knopfler)
  • Lies (John Mayer & Eric Clapton)
  • Sensitive Kind (Don White)
  • Cajun Moon (Eric Clapton)
  • Magnolia (John Mayer)

Is JJ Cale dead?

Deceased (1938–2013)
J. J. Cale/Living or Deceased

What happened JJ Cale?

Cale died at the age of 74 in San Diego, California, on July 26, 2013, after suffering a heart attack. He was survived by his wife Christine Lakeland, whom he married in 1995.

Which is the best song by JJ Cale?

Best Of JJ Cale – Non-Stop Greatest Hits 1) I Got The Same Old Blues 2) Artificial Paradise 3) The Woman That Got Away 4) Lies 5) Santa Cruz 6) Call Me the Breeze 7) Jailer 8) Devil in Disguise 9) Money talks 10) After Midnight 11) Don’t Cry Sister 12) Hard times 13) Thirteen Days 14) Sensitive Kind

When did J.J.Cale record after midnight?

Cale’s version of “After Midnight” differs greatly from Clapton’s frenetic version, which is itself based on Cale’s own arrangement: The history on that deal was, the original “After Midnight” I recorded was on Liberty Records on a 45-rpm, and it was fast. That was about 1967-68, maybe 69.

Why was J.J.Cale not on American Bandstand?

In the 2005 documentary film To Tulsa and Back, Cale recounts the story of being offered the opportunity to appear on Dick Clark ‘s American Bandstand to promote the song, which would have moved it higher on the charts. Cale declined when told he could not bring his band to the taping and would be required to lip-sync the words.

What was the a side of J.J Cale’s song Slow Motion?

The A-side was a tune called “Slow Motion”, but it was the B-side that would have long-term ramifications for Cale’s career when Eric Clapton recorded the song and had a Top 20 hit.