Is Harvard Pilgrim stride a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Is Harvard Pilgrim stride a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage StrideSM (HMO) Harvard Pilgrim’s Medicare Advantage Plan offers benefits beyond what Original Medicare covers. Our plans in MA, NH & ME include both health and drug coverage.

Does Harvard Pilgrim stride need a referral?

Referrals for most specialty care are required for members enrolled in Harvard Pilgrim’s Stride (HMO/HMO-POS) plans.

Does Harvard Pilgrim stride cover dental?

Harvard Pilgrim reimburses dental services to contracted providers when the service is a covered benefit. Dental benefits may vary greatly among employer groups. For benefit determination, call the Provider service center at 800-708-4414.

Is Harvard Pilgrim a Medicare product?

Harvard Pilgrim’s Medicare Plans are plans available to Medicare eligible individuals either directly or through their employer. Plans either complement Medicare Parts A and B or provide full coverage (under Medicare Advantage plans).

What is Harvard Pilgrim plan?

Harvard Pilgrim, a non-for-profit health plan, provides insurance coverage to more than one million members in the northeast United States . Founded in 1969, this company has been one of the most reliable and recommended for more than 40 years. Over the years, the company has won multiple awards including but not limited to:

Is Harvard Pilgrim private insurance?

Harvard Pilgrim is a “private insurance provider”. That means it is not a government insurance provider (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, MassHealth )

What is Harvard stride?

Stride (HMO) By Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. Stride (HMO) is a 2014 Medicare Advantage (“Part C” or “MA Plan”) plan by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.. This plan from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. works with Medicare to give you significant coverage beyond Part A and Part B benefits.