Is a Hensley hitch worth the money?

Is a Hensley hitch worth the money?

Was the best money I ever spent on our camping experiences. The kids are now grown and gone, but if I ever got back into TT’s, a Hensley would be my first purchase. The peace of mind and easy towing is well worth it, and when you are done with it, they have good resale value.

How much does a Hensley cub cost?

The Hensley Hitch is the only hitch on the market guaranteed to Eliminate Trailer Sway. The Hensley Hitch starts at $2420 reconditioned when available.

Does Hensley hitch distribute weight?

An owner without a warranty can purchase a different offset tow bar from Hensley Mfg. Does system also distribute weight,so that trailer and vehicle ride level? Yes, the weight distribution is part of the Hensley Arrow or Cub package.

How big does a Hensley Cub trailer get?

The Cub is rated for trailers up to 6,000 lbs. and comes with our easy weight distribution jacks. Your information will be forwarded to a Hensley Towing Specialist, who will review your information and call or email you to confirm your hitch selection or recommend options.

Which is better Hensley arrow or Hensley Cub?

Introducing the Hensley® Cub! The New Hensley® Cub offers the same benefits as the Hensley Arrow®, but in a lighter package designed for the small trailer owner. Safe Towing: Towing with a Hensley® Towing System is even less stressful than driving without a trailer. With the Hensley® Towing System it is impossible for a trailer to sway.

How much does a Hensley trailer hitch cost?

A Hensley Hitch will cost you nearly $3,000. A typical antisway trailer hitch averages around $300. So the Hensley is 10x the price. However, people who use a Hensley Hitch swear that it completely eliminates trailer sway, just as the company promises.

Is it possible to sway a Hensley towing system?

With the Hensley® Towing System it is impossible for a trailer to sway. Even the most inexperienced driver will find towing easy, relaxed, and SAFE.