Is 38 Special +P good for self-defense?

Is 38 Special +P good for self-defense?

The . 38 Special is one of the best revolver cartridges ever made. 38 Special is most commonly used in short-barreled ‘snub nose’ revolvers such as the Ruger LCR and Smith & Wesson J-Frame. These revolvers are purpose-made for concealed carry and have features that make them ideal for self-defense.

What is the standard grain for 38 Special?

The . 38 Special held a minimum of 21 grains of black powder, which was 3 grains more than the current . 38 Long Colt, and it was 100 to 150 feet per second faster with a 158 grain bullet.

Is 38 snub enough for self-defense?

Anything less than 357 isn’t “good” enough for self defense. He obviously has never needed a weapon for a real self defense moment. 38 Special will pretty much stop any threat other than a moving truck.

What is the best grain for a 38?

Best 38 Special Ammo for Self Defense

  • Federal +P HST Micro 130 Grain Ammo.
  • Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 135 Grain +P Ammo.
  • Winchester PDX1 Defender 130 Grain Ammo.
  • Federal Hydra-Shok 110 Grain Low Recoil.

Can A.38 special be used for self defense?

And yes, we are talking about it as a specialized self-defense round. The reason for talking about this particular load is that there undoubtedly are a lot of people who use older .38 Special revolvers for self-defense. I define “older” .38s as guns manufactured before the mid-1960s.

What’s the pressure limit on a 38 Special?

The standard pressure limits for the .38 Special are just fine for the snubbies and make for a soft life for the medium-sized revolvers. If you want more you can have it, but you will pay for it, in particular, a +P load in a five-shot snubbie becomes work, or even painful, to shoot.

What kind of bullet does A.38 special shoot?

Most traditional .38 Special revolvers were built around the old standard 158-grain, round-nose lead bullet that traveled around 755 feet per second from a 4-inch barrel. The sights for these guns were regulated to that load, which was used for decades as the standard official duty load in police service revolvers.

What kind of ammo does a NYPD 38 Special Use?

The NYPD recognized the failings of the LRN .38 Special in the 1960s and changed its duty load to a 158-grain lead semi-wadcutter load. It traveled at 755 feet per second, giving its duty revolvers a boost in stopping power and improved penetration against difficult targets.