How old is Hyoubu kyousuke?

How old is Hyoubu kyousuke?

Appearance. Hyoubu Kyousuke is the most powerful high level multi-powered esper. He has grey colored eyes and silver hair (white in the manga). Despite being over 80 years old, Hyoubu seems to never age, since he uses his powers to maintain his youth.

Does the unlimited Hyoubu kyousuke have dub?

The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke is an original anime series based off of the character Kyousuke Hyoubu of Zettai Karen Children. The series premiered from January 7 to March 25, 2013 also under its dub title Unlimited Psychic Squad.

Is Unlimited Psychic Squad a sequel?

Unlimited Psychic Squad’s Manga Gets Sequel With Completely Original Story.

Who is the strongest in Zettai Karen Children?

Kyousuke is a highly skilled ESP user who has the ability of permanently acquiring the Esper power of anyone who dies around him, so this results in him having even more abilities than Fujiko Tsubomi who was originally the strongest Esper alive. Because of that, his powers are in constant evolution and development.

How many articles are there on Zettai Karen Children?

Welcome to the Zettai Karen Children Wiki, a wikia about everything related to Takashi Shiina’s manga and anime series Zettai Karen Children, and the anime spin-off The Unlimited – Hyōbu Kyōsuke. We have in total 327 articles, and have more incoming.

Who is the main antagonist in Zettai Karen Children?

The Unlimited – Hyōbu Kyōsuke is a spin-off anime series based on the manga Zettai Karen Children by Takashi Shiina focused on main antagonist Kyōsuke Hyōbu and produced by Manglobe. The opening song is “LAST RESOLUTION” by Emblem of THE UNLIMITED and has two versions, one in English and the other in Japanese.

Who is Kyousuke hyoubu in Zettai Karen Children?

Hyoubu is the leader of P.A.N.D.R.A., an organization focused on either creating a world where espers can live freely, or ruling it. To keep the money flow of his organization Kyousuke has acted like a criminal, arms dealer, or even a terrorist, as its main figure he is like a father to the members of his organization.

Who are the most powerful espers in Zettai Karen Children?

Zettai Karen Children: The Unl… * Your list is public by default. Kyousuke Hyoubu, an ESPer who was betrayed many years ago, is now one of the most powerful ESPers—and also a fugitive. However, behind that glare lies a kind heart. His main mission is to save ESPers who are mistreated by humans, even if that be by force.