How much stolen money is a felony?

How much stolen money is a felony?

In order to be a felony theft, the value of the property must exceed a minimum amount established by state law, typically between $500 and $1,000. For example, if a state has a $600 felony theft limit, a person who steals a bicycle worth $400 has committed a misdemeanor.

Is embezzlement a serious crime?

Felony embezzlement is a serious crime with potentially serious consequences, including significant fines and prison time. Any felony conviction has long term consequences. If you have been charged with embezzlement you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you with your case.

What is the penalty for embezzlement?

Penalties include a fine of up to $15,000, between five and 20 years in prison, or both. Embezzlement of property worth less than $950 is a misdemeanor, subjecting a defendant to a possible jail sentence of six months or less, and a fine of up to $1,000.

What is the minimum penalty for embezzlement?

Embezzlement can be punished with up to five years imprisonment and there is a minimum sentence of one-year incarceration if convicted. The actual sentence imposed will depend on the defendant’s criminal record and the value of what was taken. Additionally, there could be other charges, like theft, that accompany the embezzlement charge.

Is embezzlement a felony or federal crime?

In order to be found guilty of embezzlement, the defendant does not necessarily need to benefit themselves. Felony embezzlement, a more severe form of embezzlement, is a type of white collar crime in which results in felony charges, as opposed to the typical misdemeanor charges.

What is the sentence for embezzlement?

Embezzlement can be a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of 6 months and/or a fine of $1000; or a felony punishable by a maximum of 16 months, 2 years or 3 years in state prison.