How much does a D10T dozer cost?

How much does a D10T dozer cost?

The base price of new models is also around $900,000. CAT D10 Price: Used prices start at around $350,000 for older models, ranging up to $900,000 and more for more recent models with all the bells and whistles.

What engine is in a D10T?


Aspiration Turbocharged
Engine Model C27 ACERT
Gross Power 646 hp (482 kw)
Make Cat
Model C27 ACERT

How much does a D10T Dozer weigh?

The Cat D10 could be ordered with up to a 19-foot (5.8 m) U-blade, and weighed in at 180,000 lb (82,000 kg). Later versions weighed in at 190,000 lb (86,000 kg).

How much does a caterpillar d10r weight?


Operating Weight 154700.0 lb
Shipping Weight 109775.0 lb
Note D10T2 Operating Weight includes coolant, lubricants, full fuel tank, ROPS, FOPS cab, SU ABR bulldozer, dual tilt, single-shank ripper with pin-puller, fast fuel, 610 mm/24 in ES shoes, and operator.

What’s the biggest cat Dozer?

Caterpillar D11T
Caterpillar D11

Caterpillar D11T
Length 35.8 ft
Width 10.4 ft (track) 22 ft (blade)
Height 14.9 ft (top of stack)
Weight 248,500 lb (112,717.8 kg) (operating weight)

What kind of tractor is the Caterpillar D10?

Caterpillar D10N The Caterpillar D10 is a track-type tractor manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. (then called the Caterpillar Tractor Company). It was the first modern tractor to use the elevated drive sprocket to improve durability, operator comfort, and ease of maintenance.

What kind of work can a d10 Dozer do?

Over the years, the D10 dozer has proven itself to be a highly productive and versatile machine. It is flexible enough to be used on heavy construction sites and robust enough to be used on mine sites. Continuing the D10T’s legacy, Cat customers can count on the D10T2’s superior performance, long life, ease of operation…

What makes the caterpillar d10t2 the best bulldozer?

Continuing the D10T’s legacy, Cat customers can count on the D10T2’s superior performance, long life, ease of operation and world-class service from the global Cat dealer network to be the backbone of their operation. Helping you get more done with maximum availability, the D10T2’s durable design makes repair and maintenance easy.

What makes a D10T tractor a good tractor?

Strength from the past. Power for the future.™ The D10T combines power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at a lower cost-per-yard. Engineered for demanding work. The durable construction of the D10T is well suited for tough working conditions. Combined with the C27 engine