How much do you make selling butter braids?

How much do you make selling butter braids?

Profit: Sell over 750 items, $5.80 per pastry. Sell 175 – 749 items = $5.60 per pastry. Sell 96 – 174 items = $4.00 per pastry.

How long are butter braids good for?

6 months
Butter Braid product shelf life is 6 months from date of manufacture when kept at 0° F or below. We do recommend that you use your Butter Braid products within 6 weeks of receiving it for best product performance. If product is not used within the 6 month period, product performance may suffer due to aging of yeast.

Are butter braids kosher?

At this time the Butter Braid® brand products are not kosher.

Do butter braids go bad?

Also, for maximum shelf life, store your Butter Braid pastry in a chest freezer until you are ready to enjoy it. For best product performance, we recommend baking your Butter Braid pastry within 6 weeks.

Who owns butter braids?

Country Maid, Inc.
Butter Braid® is a registered trademark of Country Maid, Inc., makers of the Danish pastry product. The Danish-style, flaky pastry is made of 100% real butter, braided by hand, and filled with fruit and other cream fillings.

How much money have Butter Braid pastries raised?

We celebrate family and support dream-chasers with quality pastries. Since 1991, our products, along with a network of over 85 fundraising dealerships, have helped raise over $267 million for thousands of great causes. NEW Butter Braid FLAVORS!

What kind of filling is in butter braids?

A butter braid recipe that turns out soft and tender and is loaded with a yummy cinnamon and brown sugar filling. Forget about those frozen ones you can buy from the fundraisers around town.

What kind of icing goes on Butter Braid pastry?

Layers upon layers of buttery dough filled with a sweet vanilla custard and topped with chocolate fudge icing. Get your hands on one today! Just like Grandma used to make!

Is there a Butter Braid fundraiser for back to school?

Back to School. Back to Fundraising. Go back to school with new supplies and the best fundraiser around. Our simple and delicious Butter Braid® Fundraiser is designed just for you. are only available through fundraisers. We celebrate family and support dream-chasers with quality pastries.