How much are Lotte World tickets?

How much are Lotte World tickets?

Lotte World welcomes visitors year-round from 9:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. Regular admission tickets cost 36,000 won (about $32) for adults and 29,000 won (about $26) for children. However, if you plan to stay all day, you should consider purchasing admission to all of Lotte World, not just the indoor theme park.

Which is better Everland or Lotte World?

Both parks have their merits and it’s almost impossible to choose a winner! If you love animals and would like to come up close and personal with some exotic wild life then Everland is definitely your winner. However, if you are looking for more family friendly rides then Lotte World might be your winner.

Is Lotte World Open during Chuseok?

Everland, Lotte World, and Seoul Land always have special cultural events during Chuseok. As well as the holiday programs, you can also expect many of these parks to spring for discounts for foreigners (and in most cases the Koreans who accompany them). The amusement parks will be crowded, more so than usual.

How do you get to Lotte World?

Getting to Lotte World theme park By MRT: Take the Seoul Subway to Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2,8) and take exit 4, Lotte world is directly connected to the station! If you plan on taking public transportation for the rest of your trip, Klook yourself a South Korea Railplus Transport Card.

How do you get Lotte World discount tickets?

Step 1 – Choose visiting period, number of people and proceed to checkout page to complete payment. Step 2 – Upon successful booking, you will receive an Email Voucher. Step 3 – Show the Voucher at Lotte World Group Ticket Office (South Gate Ticket Office) and redeem your paper tickets.

Where can I buy tickets to Seoul Lotte World?

Tickets can be purchased at Lotte World entrances, but you’d get a better deal when you get them online. At the door, tickets go for ₩59,000 (~S$68). We got our tickets via Klook at ~S$35.90. Quick maths: We scored a lotte discount of 54%!

Where to get Lotte World tickets from Klook?

To redeem your pre-booked tickets from Klook, head to Lotte World’s South Gate located outside the mall. Enter the Group Admission office on the left to show your vouchers. The staff will hand you your physical tickets, then it’s time to play! Lotte World consists of an outdoor (“Magic Island”) and indoor area (“Adventure”).

What do you need to know before going to Lotte World?

Before you reach Lotte World, download the Lotte World Adventure mobile app. It provides information such as park hours for the day, show timings, attraction wait times, as well as ride closures and maintenance. After collecting your physical tickets, register them on the app by scanning the QR code.