How many t-shirts do you need to make a quilt?

How many t-shirts do you need to make a quilt?

12 shirts will make a throw-size quilt, approx. 48″ x 64″ – 3 across x 4 down. 30 shirts will make a full size quilt, approx. 82″ x 96″ – 5 across x 6 down.

How do you make an easy Tshirt quilt?


  1. Plan Your Quilt. Examine the shirts you plan to use, and ask yourself a few questions before you begin to make the quilt.
  2. Cut Apart the T-Shirts. First, wash and dry the T-shirts.
  3. Map Out the Design.
  4. Trim the T-Shirt Panels.
  5. Fuse the Interfacing to the T-Shirts.
  6. Sew the Quilt.

How to cut a T-shirt to make a quilt?

Use scissors to remove the sleeves from each shirt. Separate the front from the back by cutting along the shoulder seams. Carefully cut each side from the hem to the armhole to completely separate the front from the back.

Do you need to quilt the back of a T-shirt?

But for quilting, this stretchiness can be an issue. For one thing, quilts need to be quilted with stitching that runs through the top, batting, and back of the quilt. As you stitch over stretchy fabric, it tends to stretch out and expand, creating potential pleats and puckers on the quilt surface.

Can you make a T-shirt quilt on a sewing machine?

Of course, you can square and piece all the blocks together to make one massive quilt top, but this could be challenging to quilt on a small, home sewing machine. Instead, consider quilting the blocks separately as 18-inch squares, then when they are quilted, you can put them together with binding strips.

How many T-shirts do you need to make a quilt?

30 T-shirts – Works best with graphics that are 9″ or less wide and 10″ or less tall. If you use the front and back of a single T-shirt, you will need fewer. PRO TIP: It’s best to wash and dry your tees before beginning.